IPSL’s mission of service is rooted in advocacy for the NGOs and organizations in which IPSL students serve.

Through IPSL’s Advocacy Research™ Program, students can explore what it means to engage in service that helps others, build research skills and provide useful data to organizations around the globe. 

The IPSL Advocacy Research Program approach provides students an opportunity to learn about and engage in professional research to produce relevant, useful information for the benefit of non-profits, NGOs and community development organizations around the world. Unique to the IPSL program, students develop a keen insight into the human research subject ethical review process in an international context with immediate, practical application.

A student’s service organization abroad serves as the “field study location” and results in data that is at once beneficial to further the IPSL student’s education and career while at the same time being of use to the organization being served. Resource-scarce organizations often have little ability to examine their programs in a quantifiable way. With the assistance of the IPSL student, they are presented with data that can be used to impact their work and the people they serve. Multilateral reciprocity is at the heart of the IPSL Advocacy Research Program.

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IPSL International IRB Review for Students, Faculty, Non-Profits, and Businesses

IPSL’s International IRB is a fully accredited and registered independent Institutional Review Board specializing in international research. The IPSL IRB accepts proposals and protocols from individuals, non-profits and businesses seeking approval. Persons seeking approval from the IPSL IRB do not need to be a student enrolled in an IPSL program to qualify for review.

The IPSL IRB’s review fees are competitive and on a sliding scale. Download the IPSL fee sheet here.

If you are an independent entity seeking IRB approval please fill out the Request More Info form above.

Students conducting Advocacy Research as part of an IPSL program have their IRB approval included in the program cost. 

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