The Concurrent Degree Program

College of Mount Saint Vincent and IPSL offers a Master’s in International Development and Service (IDS) in collaboration with a Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.) for as few as 18 additional credits. 

Students admitted into the Master’s in International Development and Service can pursue the concurrent degree option and will complete requirements for both the M.S. and the M.B.A. degrees by blending coursework and field experience. With a particular focus on organizational management and sustainability in underserved communities, the concurrent degree program prepares students for leadership roles in non-profit organizations worldwide.

Students work closely with on-site faculty who are engaged with the region’s business community to develop key analytical, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This approach ensures graduates are equipped for ethical and responsible leadership roles in business, both nationally and internationally.

Students graduating with these concurrent degrees gain the skills to run nonprofit organizations from multiple perspectives. They also gain a valuable portfolio of competencies—from serving vulnerable communities in the field, advocating their needs to the world, and mastering the nuts and bolts of budgeting, strategic planning, and policy implementation at the organizational level.

Program Outcomes

By earning their second Master’s degree in Business, students are trained with diverse skills in the techniques and requirements of managing organizations. They are equipped with a set of management tools ranging from organizational decision-making, to program implementation, to meeting regulatory requirements.

Students learn:

  • Data analysis and the management of information systems
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Business law and the nonprofit sector
  • How to finance and financially plan under-resourced organizations
  • Budgeting and organizational control systems
  • Understanding organizational culture and managing change

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