Tuition and Financial Aid:

IPSL and the College of Mount Saint Vincent make the International Development & Service graduate program accessible and manageable by including many of the program-related living expenses in the program fee. We understand that graduate school is an investment in time and money, and for that reason IPSL has maintained the same program free for the last four years; there has been no increase. 

Comprehensive Program Fee (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 cohorts):  

$16,250 per semester* / $65,000 total program*

* Study abroad site-specific fees subject to change. Tuition is guaranteed for the duration of the program. (It does not increase the second year).

Download the Estimated Cost of Attendance by clicking HERE.

Program fee covers all tuition, most fees (including graduation but not ceremony fee), orientations, professional development, career guidance, and service-learning placement and oversight for the four semesters. It also covers room and partial board, insurance, and enrichment activities/excursions for the two semesters students spend abroad. Program fee does not cover international airfare, room and board in New York, books, personal spending money, and independent travel. Students are responsible for all passport and visa fees and are required to secure their own visas. Students who fail a required course may be required to pay an additional distance-learning fee to retake the course.

College of Mount Saint Vincent's FAFSA number is:  002703

Students may also apply for Grad Plus loans (credit-based) to help cover tuition and living expenses. IPSL Financial Aid (scholarships or loans) for relocation expenses and international airfare may be available.

IPSL graduate program applicants may apply for federal financial aid (FAFSA). Students may also apply for Grad Plus loans through the federal government to cover tuition and living expenses.

AmeriCorps Alums and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award can be applied in full to the IPSL/College of Mount Saint Vincent International Development and Service Graduate Program.

As a matching graduate program, IPSL/College of Mount Saint Vincent offers a $5,500 scholarship to all qualified AmeriCorps Alums and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to be disbursed over four semesters. Additionally, the IPSL application fee is waived for all AmeriCorps Alumni and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

IPSL-Based Financial Assistance

IPSL uses FAFSA's assessment of financial need of our applicants in awarding IPSL-based assistance. To be eligible, applicants have to complete the FAFSA application ( The need-based assistance from IPSL is meant to serve the financial gap and range anywhere from $500-$2,000 over the course of 4 semesters, helping students pay for costs associated with the program, such as relocation to New York City, international flights, textbooks, etc. This assistance is not typically used to pay for tuition of the program.



International Students

If you are not a U.S. passport (or Green Card) holder, please feel free to use the following information to assist you in preparing for your application to the International Development & Service graduate program. 

Information on F1 Student Visas can be found here