Interested in studying abroad while you're in graduate school?

Graduate students from many institutions can study and serve on IPSL Programs. If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program, please inquire with IPSL!

Students from any school are welcome to participate in IPSL's 14 undergraduate programs. Graduate students would participate similar to undergraduates, attending an IPSL program for a semester or summer for academic credit, participating in a service-learning placement, academic excursions, homestay and Service-Learning Plus (if applicable). 

Graduate students would attend undergraduate level courses with undergraduate students and do extra work (at a greater quantity and at a higher level) to meet graduate level requirements. An additional program fee may apply to support the local faculty abroad in providing additional course work for the graduate student. Past graduate students on IPSL programs have worked with their home institution faculty in ensuring their courses abroad met the home institution graduate program course department requirements.

Course transcripts appear as 300 level courses. It is up to the student's home institution to change the course level for the transcript if necessary. 


Below is a student from SUNY New Paltz student participating in IPSL's Cusco, Peru Program. This program gave her hands on experience within her field simultaneously receiving grad school credit.


Study Abroad Opportunities for students in the SUNY New Paltz

The Humanistic/ Multicultural Education at SUNY New Paltz and IPSL, a recognized leader in service-learning programming around the globe, have partnered to provide SUNY students with the opportunity to study for a semester or summer at one of several locations around the world. SUNY students now have the chance to complete graduate level coursework overseas that will count toward their degree program and to offer volunteer service in a variety of community settings.

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