IPSL Mission

IPSL engages students, educators, and grassroots organizations around the world in hands-on service to promote equitable relationships, social justice, sustainable change, and a commitment to our shared humanity.

Financial Transparency

IPSL is a Social Benefit ("B-Corp") organization that reinvests program revenues back into the communities where we have partnerships. IPSL ploughs roughly 83% of revenues back into programs and communities. This financial stewardship takes form in Advocacy Research™, ethical curriculum design, judicious use of resources and energy (most of us walk to work and/or take public transit), modest salaries for IPSL staff, and direct donations to service partners around the world. Our organization is lean and sustainable. You can be sure that your IPSL program fee supports, to the greatest extent possible, the very communities we serve.

IPSL Values

  • Social, Racial, and Economic Justice; these are the ideals behind all of IPSL's operations
  • Ethical, principled engagement through meaningful field experience, study and reflection within the host cultures
  • Substantive service that is beneficial to all stakeholders: communities, students, faculty, postsecondary institutions, and others who may be impacted directly and indirectly
  • Respect for differences in societies, cultures, and social institutions
  • Shared responsibility with our NGO and higher education partners
  • Servant-Leadership that models the ability to work effectively in a globalized world that is both interdependent and diverse

IPSL partnerships around the world support short-term and semester-length programs that unite study abroad with volunteer service opportunities in the host community. Read what our alumni have to say...

            "It was the best thing I've ever done. I was forced to truly develop my identity while being confronted by other people's ideals. I feel so much calmer, and stronger in myself after doing it. It's definitely affected my plans for when I graduate. I've always considered joining the peace corps, but after a semester of service-learning I am very certain that I would like to join up after college. IPSL is such a great program. I don't know anything about publicizing study-abroad programs, but IPSL programs deserve top ranking."
            "The entire program was a highlight and a challenge. I grew personally a tremendous amount and have a much clearer idea of who I am and what it is I want in life after having completed the program. As a result of my IPSL program, I came back and started a volunteer program helping to create gardens at local schools."
            "It was sometimes difficult being in a strange city, finding my way around public transportation, but being there was the best decision I ever made. I learned more about the world and myself in those four months than I ever thought was possible. I absorbed the culture through the language, volunteering, the food, people, and utterly breathtaking geography. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never be able to forget."