Thoughts about the US election

To our friends and colleagues:

Our country took a giant step backward on Election Day. I know most, if not all, of us are feeling shocked, fearful, sad, physically ill, and more. Just remember you are not alone. 

Please know that what we do as IPSLers - building bridges, educating people, serving marginalized and vulnerable communities - is more important now than ever. Our organization's actions will continue to demonstrate to all of our partners and students - at home and abroad - that we repudiate bigotry, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and scapegoating. 

When the reeling subsides, let's redouble our efforts and recommit as a community of international educators to scholarship, kindness, acceptance, peace, decency, and love. 

Take good care of yourselves. Stay healthy. Support one another.

I'm here if you need me.


Update! IPSL@CMSV Student, Karen V, Facilitates Workshops in Vietnam

IPSL @ College of Mount Saint Vincent student, Karen V, conducted Advocacy Research during her recent study abroad/service-learning program in Hanoi, Vietnam. Karen facilitated a training of local university students to be Peer Leaders. In the peer leader training, she discussed with the students how to be a valuable leader, have effective communication, resolve conflict, build influence, increase productivity and decision-making skills. Karen learned about all of these topics while working as a peer leader and a orientation coordinator for TRIO Student Support Services at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. 

While there, Karen facilitated three workshops that she was trained in during her time in TRIO. These workshops are in the topics of career aspirations and leadership, family and cultural pressures, as well as identity. This was brand new material for most - if not all - of the students and Karen has certainly brought Peer Leadership Training to IPSL's partners in Vietnam! Thank you, Karen! This is SERVICE IN ACTION!

For more information and to get involved contact IPSL.