IPSL / CMSV Student Published!

Jamal Lee, an IPSL/CMSV graduate student, has been published in the Ethnic Studies Review - The Fundi Effect: Activism through Empowerment 


"The Fundi Effect is a method of activism that is capable of being applied inter-generationally, and has the ability to address the reactionary manner with which injustice is dealt in attempts at social movements at present. The Fundi Effect extends beyond the anger and disgust that motivates the recent efforts of attaining justice. The fire of anger quickly dissipates as the time passes. The Fundi Effect initiates movements from the enraging moments. Though, there must be a genuine love for the issues and the people for this to properly function. The love is what permeates through the inevitable impediments that come along with fighting for justice. The Fundi Effect can only be operated through the correct motives. The Fundi Effect makes every community member responsible for the desired change. The sharing of this philosophy should be implemented in a way that would make all who adhere to this design a Fundi in their own right (Lee, 2016)."

The publishing of this article will bring publicity to the work of Afrikan Unity Initiative, Inc. as it is the major methodology used in our programs. We want to showcase the Fundi Effect and validate the hard work of our community partners worldwide with the potential to attract others.