IPSL Student Researcher Collects Data on Chikungunya Disease to Aid Fight

Laura Rishell, an IPSL student researcher, collected data on Chikungunya disease to aid in the development of education programing to help mitigate the disease. Laura raised the money through a Go Fund Me campaign to be donated to Luchadores del Norte Clinic as part of her research project in the summer of 2015.

Luchadores Del Norte Health Clinic received a cash donation on behalf of Laura Rishell, for  $322.61.


Also, as part of our community support, we purchase handmade recycled leather luggage tags from Wanderlust Leather to give to our students before departure. Jamie Marcath, the artist, donates 10% p\of her proceeds to one of the organizations IPSL supports and where our students serve.  IPSL chooses a different NGO each year to support and donate the funds to. In 2015 we supported Luchadores del Norte in Guayaquil (raising $44.80) 

 In 2016 we are supporting Jane Olevolosi Orphan Center.