IPSL programs combine academic studies and community service and full cultural immersion to give students a deeper, more meaningful study abroad experience.

A significant part of the mission of IPSL is to promote the theory and practice of service-learning™. To develop and promote service-learning in institutions of higher education around the world, we offer several publications.

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IPSL is pleased to offer two of our most popular publications as ebooks. Please click the book titles to be directed to where you can purchase "Charting A Hero's Journey" and "Visions of Service." 

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Charting a Hero's Journey by Linda A. Chisholm

Based on the work of Joseph Campbell and using excerpts from the journals of contributing authors such as Jane Addams, Langston Hughes, Octavio Paz, Samuel Johnson, Mary Kingsley, and Kathleen Norris, Charting a Hero's Journey is a guide to the writing of a journal for college students engaged in study abroad, off-campus study, and/or service-learning. The book may be used as a text for academic courses in fields such as intercultural studies, service-learning, and English literature or composition, and may be adapted for use in freshman or senior seminars that focus on student development and education in the college years. Funded by a Cooperative Grants Program of NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Charting a Hero's Journey by Linda A. Chisholm
2000. 328 pages. Illustrated. Includes notes for teachers. ISBN 0-9701984-2-6
eBook Price: $9.95

What educators are saying about Charting a Hero's Journey:

"Prolonged study and work in another culture has a profound effect on young people, but it is hard for them to make sense of their experiences. By assembling examples of earlier journeys and linking them to a grand overarching myth, and by asking penetrating and apt questions, Linda Chisholm succeeds brilliantly in helping students link their sense of the world to their sense of themselves. This book, by an experienced teacher and traveler who has lived the myths she writes about, should be a part of the equipment of every young person leaving for another culture, and every educator charged with helping students understand themselves and the world."
--Humphrey Tonkin, University Professor of Humanities and President Emeritus, University of Hartford

How to Serve & Learn Abroad Effectively by Howard A. Berry & Linda A. Chisholm

This book is based on the experiences and reflections of over 1,000 students from more than 140 colleges and universities who served and learned through the International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership. It is their story told in their words, based on real experiences with real people. Quoting these students extensively, the authors have organized the students' advice into a lively and readable book that helps current students to choose a study abroad and/or volunteer program that is right for them and then give and get the most through their community service at home or abroad. It is also useful to those who advise, orient, and re-enter study abroad students. Funded by the NAFSA Cooperative Grants Program.

NOTE: The first edition is out of print and is currently being offered as a Course Pack (same content, photocopied and bound) for $5.00/each.

How to Serve & Learn Abroad Effectively: Students Tell Students
by Howard A. Berry and Linda A. Chisholm
1992. 80 pages.
Price: $5.00 for course pack

Understanding the Education--And Through It the Culture--in Education Abroad by Linda A. Chisholm & Howard A. Berry

Based on the premise that an educational system both reflects and shapes a culture, this short book is a guide for students going abroad to study. It leads them step-by-step through an in-depth investigation of the university they attend overseas and higher education in their host country. The study will help them both to be a successful student and to come to a deeper knowledge of their host culture. Topics include the systems, purposes, history, curricula, pedagogy, faculty, evaluation, students and graduates of higher education. Each topic is enlivened with examples from nations and educational systems around the world. The book proposes that study abroad advisors make this study a credit-bearing course for all of their students in their semester or year abroad. Funded by the NAFSA Cooperative Grants Program.

Understanding the Education-and Through It the Culture-in Education Abroad
by Linda A. Chisholm and Howard A. Berry
2002. 136 pages. Includes notes for students and study abroad advisors. ISBN 0-901984-3-4
Price: $14.00

 "It's all too rare that students, faculty and international educators ask fundamental questions about their own college or university: Who is admitted, and why? What is taught, and how? What does the institution represent to the larger society? How does it prepare its graduates to shape that society? Written by two founders of the concept and practice of international service-learning, Linda Chisholm and Howard Berry, this book encourages study abroad students to learn about a new foreign culture by actively examining the host educational institution in which they are enrolled - 'based upon a simple yet profound premise, that the educational system of a nation reflects and shapes its culture.' Through asking such questions, students will also reflect upon the meaning of their own education and their future role in an increasingly global society. Many fascinating examples provided by the authors from such disparate countries as Mexico, India, Jamaica, the Philippines and the United Kingdom show the illuminating power of such comparisons - both for students and their advisors." - Bill Nolting, Director of International Opportunities, University of Michigan International Center and Past Chair, SECUSSA (Section on U.S. Students Abroad) of NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Visions of Service ed. by Linda A. Chisholm

This book introduces students to five of the world's great religions-- Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-- with a special emphasis on each religion's philosophy of service and call to serve. With excerpts regarding service and social responsibility from the sacred writings of each tradition, followed by questions for study and reflection, VISIONS OF SERVICE gives students a framework for considering the differences and commonalities among the religions on the subject of serving those in need and reflecting on their own experience of service.

Visions of Service
edited by Linda A. Chisholm
2004. 472 pages. Includes questions for study and reflection. ISBN0-9701984-5-0
eBook Price: $9.95


Knowing and Doing: The Theory and Practice of Service-Learning ed. by Linda A. Chisholm

A Festschrift written by colleagues around the world in honor of Howard A. Berry, together with a selection of his speeches and papers.

Service-learning is the union of academic study and volunteer community service, linked in such a way that each reinforces the other. It is a pedagogy that in the last fifteen years has captivated students and teachers alike in schools, colleges, and universities across the globe. As students engage in substantive volunteer service and related studies in a variety of disciplines, they and their teachers find that learning is enlivened as it becomes relevant. Students develop new and valuable skills, including those of leadership, and service providers gain both needed help and future supporters for their work.

Howard A. Berry (1932-2002) was one of the early pioneers of this pedagogy. In 1982, he co-founded the Partnership for Service-Learning (now the International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership), and with the award of a Ford Foundation grant in 1986 he became a co-director and later its president. In that capacity, he developed programs for undergraduates in twelve nations and a master's degree program to prepare students for careers in international relief and development. Through conferences, speeches, writings, and faculty seminars, he taught professors and administrators in dozens of universities around the world the art of linking formal academic study to community service. He possessed a keen mind, a compassionate heart, and a commitment to turn the rhetoric of service into reality. His influence continues to extend through concentric circles as universities instituting service-learning have, in turn, taught the pedagogy of service-learning to those in other institutions.

Knowing and Doing is a collection of essays about service-learning — seven by Howard Berry, and the others by his colleagues from fifteen nations. Readers will discover why Howard Berry was considered a leading thinker in the field, and why service-learning is being adopted and how it is being practiced in nations as diverse as Russia and Ecuador. A sophisticated collection of writings about international education in general and service-learning in particular, Knowing and Doing illuminates the power of service-learning and gives testimony to the conviction of many that this powerful pedagogy will have an enduring and transforming effect on higher education around the world.

Knowing and Doing: The Theory and Practice of Service-Learning
edited by Linda A. Chisholm 2005. 360 pages. ISBN0-9701984-7-7
Price: $21.00

Service Learning in Higher Education Around the World: An Initial Look by Howard A. Berry & Linda A. Chisholm

This report, supported by the Ford Foundation, is the first international survey of service-learning. In addition to describing models of service-learning programs, it gives examples of service-learning from over 100 institutions in 33 countries. The report will be of interest to service-learning practitioners and international program directors interested in comparative examples of service-learning programs, and to those interested in educational reform through service-learning.

Service-Learning in Higher Education Around the World: An Initial Look
a report by Howard A. Berry and Linda A. Chisholm
1999. 129 pages.
Price: $10.00


Leadership and Democracy by Adel Safty

Written by Adel Safty, Permanent UNESCO Chair in International Leadership and President of the Global Leadership Forum. A political scientist, Dr. Safty reviews the primary philosophers of democratic theory and the democratic revolutions in various parts of the world through the 1990s, putting forth the argument that democracy can thrive in various cultures and that the quality of leadership--and therefore leadership education--is crucial.

Leadership and Democracy by Adel Safty
2004. 368 pages. ISBN0-9701984-4-2
Price: $24.00

"Adel Safty's latest book on democracy and leadership is laudable and praiseworthy because it connects peace, democracy, and development on the one hand, and underlines the urgent need for leadership on the other. It thus makes a most important contribution to the field."
-- Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary General of the United Nations


Portrait of a Partnership by Mora Dickson

This book, the last of many written by Mora Dickson, beautifully chronicles her life with Alec Dickson, CBE, founder of Voluntary Service Overseas, the organization upon which John F. Kennedy modeled the US Peace Corps, and Community Service Volunteers, through which thousands upon thousands of young British have served at home and abroad.

Portrait of a Partnership recounts the life of Alec Dickson, CBE, and that of Mora Dickson, from their separate growing-up years in England and Scotland through their meeting in London during World War II, the events of the war that shaped their lives, their marriage, and their initial work in Nigeria in the 1950s that led to the creation of VSO. It documents the pain of the “palace coup” which removed Alec Dickson as director of VSO just as he was in Washington advising President Kennedy, the despair that followed, and then the founding of CSV.

An artist by profession, Mora Dickson’s book is illustrated throughout with her pen and ink drawings. A perfect gift for current or returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Portrait of a Partnership by Mora Dickson
2004. 272 pages. Illustrated. ISBN 0-9701984-6-9
Price: $20.00