IPSL offers a variety of short-term programs with different partners. Short-term programs vary in length and time of year. They usually last from one week to ten days. A few notes about short-term programs.

Service-Learning is fundamental to IPSL's mission. However, we offer these short-term programs for those individuals who cannot - for whatever reason - partake is a semester-length or summer program. In accordance with our philosophy of ethical engagement, IPSL does not design these short-term programs to include hands-on service. Rather, participants on IPSL short-term programs learn about the ways that the nonprofit/NGO community is working to address challenges in their communities. Practically, this learning takes the form of on-site lectures and presentations at community-based organizations abroad. IPSL participants learn from practitioners in the community, thereby gaining a broader perspective on on their host communities. For example, in Cartagena, Colombia, participants might visit a center for at-risk youth to learn about the various programs being delivered to keep kids off the street, safe, and learning in ways that help them develop needed life skills. 

Where and when does IPSL currently offer short-term programs? 

  • GUATEMALA:  Origins of Food. A program focused on Public Health, Food Sustainability, and Animal Welfare

Length:  3 Weeks

Dates:  1 - 21 JANUARY 2017


  • COLOMBIA (Cartagena) Spanish language / Caribbean Studies

Length:  8 Days

Dates:  11 - 19 MARCH 2017 (SPRING BREAK)

For whom?  Anyone can apply to this program


  • ISRAEL (Jerusalem) Health and Healing Spirits: A first-hand look at Alternative Therapies in Israel's many ethnic communities. 

Length:  10 Days

Dates:  5 - 15 JUNE 2017

For whom? Anyone can apply to this program


  • VIETNAM (Hanoi) and TANZANIA (Arusha)  Research in Action summer program combines Advocacy Research, hands-on service and study in partnership with Central Washington University

Length:  9  Weeks - 5  in-country


  • June 19th 2017: Online portion of the course starts
  • July 10th 2017: In country portion of the course starts
  • August 14th 2017: in country portion of the course ends
  • August 21st 2017: Online re-entry portion of course ends. 

To apply to any of these programs, please visit the COUNTRY PAGES HERE and then APPLY HERE!