IPSL programs join academic learning with volunteer service to the host community. By integrating formal study with service to the local community in an intercultural/international setting, students find their learning takes on greater depth and meaning, and that they gain highly valuable, transferable skills that they would not otherwise acquire on a traditional study abroad program. Working with host community members brings classroom lessons to life, while the formal study broadens the students' understanding of their surroundings and lends added perspective to daily impressions.

IPSL offers its core undergraduate programs in Argentina, Cambodia, Ecuador, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Peru, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam. Program duration is generally one semester of 13-16 weeks in the fall and spring, and for 4-8 weeks in the summer . 

IPSL programs vary, but the basic components of each program are:

  • academic courses for college/university credit
  • language training, camps, or classes
  • volunteer service-learning™ placement and oversight
  • homestay with a local family
  • academic excursions

After over thirty years, we know that these elements provide participants with a structure for deeper cultural immersion, solid language acquisition and a life-changing experience that builds transferable skills.