10-day academic trip to ISRAEL to explore Alternative Healing Practices! Unparalleled opportunity for students of: Nursing, Pre-Med, Social Work, Philosophy, Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Sociology

June 5 - 15, 2017

Join faculty and experts from many forms of Health & Healing in ISRAEL for a 10-day course in June 2017. This program, partially based at Hadassah School of Nursing in Jerusalem, offers students three credits and brings participants in direct contact with the history and present-day reality of health practitioners and scholars who practice Alternative Healing Practices in Israel. 

A critical exploration in Israel of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and of alternative modalities of healing that transcend the boundaries of conventional physical medicine and their spiritual implications for both the great Western and Eastern traditions. The topics range from classic faith-healing to the vibrational medicine of Richard Gerber. There will be presentations by and experiences under the guidance of Israeli experts in the various modalities from across the spectrum of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

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