IPSL Opportunities for AmeriCorps Alums

  • Graduate Programs in International Development and Service (IDS) or Community Organizing and Social Activism (COSA)

  • Undergraduate international study and service-learning programs (semester,  summer and custom) with academic credit

  • Advocacy Research™ abroad for academic credit

AmeriCorps Alumni Benefits:

  • Priority Admission

  • Ability to use your AmeriCorps Segal Education Award (see rules here)*

  • IPSL application processing fee waived

  • GRADUATE PROGRAM ONLY automatic $5,500 Scholarship from IPSL (even if you have already used your Ed award!)

* Apply the Education award to your current school to use for an IPSL program.

Advocacy Research  Abroad for Academic Credit

Advocacy Research is carried out by people who are deeply concerned about social justice. IPSL' research opportunities are fundamentally based on the notion of reciprocity. Unlike traditional research, Advocacy Research seeks to measure social problems with a view to increasing awareness and influencing political, economic, and social decision-making by involving the participating communities. In the past, organizations have used students’ advocacy research findings to apply for grants, etc.


IPSL Advocacy Research Services

  • Access to IPSL’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) Committee

  • Research methodologies and ethics coursework

  • Ethical researcher training and review of student research

  • International research training

  • Legal assistance for international research

Choose a short-term program and your award may cover it all! 

IPSL has MANY short term experiences that are PERFECT for using your SEGAL Education Award.

Spend 3-8 weeks in:

Austria      Cambodia
Colombia   France   Greece
Guatemala   Ireland   Japan   Peru
South Africa      Vietnam



AmeriCorps - Service Year Alliance Alums and IPSL have partnered to provide opportunities for AmeriCorps Alums interested in service abroad, international education and development, and service-learning. Through IPSL programs, AmeriCorps alumni members can connect to unique learning experiences and apply and further develop their service-learning and leadership skills in an international setting.


IPSL programs support AmeriCorps Alums’ vision that a vibrant network of AmeriCorps alumni will be the leadership pipeline for the 21st century.

Graduate Program Opportunities 
International Development and Service (IDS)
Community Organizing and Social Activism (COSA)

Are you interested in a graduate program where you can continue your commitment to service while abroad? In addition to coursework, students volunteer with a community organization, each term, learning about different social issues in the U.S. and around the globe and applying them to real-world situations to help others in need. Graduate students have the opportunity to study and serve throughout the world in the following locations (subject to change):






For more information about the IPSL Graduate Programs, please visit


Undergraduate Opportunities
Semester & Short-term Summer Service-Learning Programs (set dates)
Language Study and Volunteer Service ms
Custom Programs 

IPSL’s semester long and short-term summer programs combine credit bearing academic learning with volunteer service. The Language and Volunteer programs are completely customizable with the participant determining the duration and whether they receive university credit.  Custom programs are also designed by the participant and IPSL and can include whatever elements that the participant desires (credit, academics, volunteering, duration of program, etc.). 

While IPSL programs vary, the basic components of each program are academic courses for college/university credit, language training, volunteer service-learning placements, homestays with a local family, and academic excursions.

Learning takes on greater depth and meaning on an IPSL program

Students gain highly valuable, transferable skills that they would not otherwise acquire on a traditional study abroad program. Working with host community members brings classroom lessons to life!

Standard Semester, Short-term Summer and Custom programs are available

(subject to change) in:






  • PERU




Language and Volunteering programs are available (subject to change) in





For more information on IPSL’s Undergraduate Programs, please visit

What's included?

Individualized program planning with IPSL staff
Practicum/Preceptorship/Fieldwork placement and oversight
Room and partial board
24/7 on-site support
Excursions and enrichment activities
Emergency medical and evacuation insurance
Independent and Sponsored Research Opportunities
Coursework (if you choose to study, too)
FUN!...and a chance to make a real difference!

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