​​Study Spanish and be an intern, student, or volunteer in:

  • Language learning

  • Girls' empowerment through sports

  • Food Justice & Environment

  • Animal welfare

  • Refugees

  • Women's and children's rights​

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish language learning in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Enter a city that never sleeps, with countless bars, cafés, museums, and cultural events. Sexy and incredibly nocturnal, this amazing city will have you craving more and more.

IPSL's partners in Argentina offer exemplary Spanish language instruction in an ideal learning environment and modern facilities. Our lively classes include topical conversations on food, art, music, and ... of course ... fútbol.


Our Spanish school in Buenos Aires opens the door to a whole new continent. More than a place, you'll discover a new side of yourself. Engage with the local language and culture. Take a stroll across the city, stay up through the night, or dance the tango. Travel with us. You’ll feel at ease, meet friends — and fall in love with Buenos Aires!

Online option

Online options for learning Spanish are also available. Contact us if you're interested. 

Every journey needs preparation and the right tools. If you want to travel through Argentina and Latin America, you’ll need to make sure your Spanish is up to the task! That’s where our intensive Spanish courses come in. They immerse you in the language from day one, with 20 lessons a week. You’ll learn the grammar basics, of course, but also regionalisms and local vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and unique turns of phrase. Our dedicated and experienced teachers will get you speaking and thinking like a local. So that, on your South American trek, you can both walk the walk and talk the talk. Sign up for our intensive Spanish courses and begin your journey.

Service-Learning, Fieldwork, Research Options in Buenos Aires

Contribute to the education and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized communities in Argentina. Use your power for good to serve others. This isn't charity; this is community-based-learning where you will reflect on your role as a guest, a listener, and a thoughtful partner in community-based learning settings. In the process, you can contribute to on-going work that locals have designed and implemented. You'll be stepping into a running stream where others have come before you. Trust will learn a lot about yourself and gain perspectives that will help you throughout your life. 


What's Included

  • Tuition and academic fees

  • Instructional materials

  • Lodging and partial board

  • On-site orientation and pre-departure materials

  • On-site support 24/7

  • Service-learning placement & oversight (if applicable)

  • Emergency medical and evacuation insurance

  • Official, U.S.-based academic transcript

  • Airport transfers (roundtrip)

  • Excursions (if requested)

What's NOT Included

  • International airfare (can be included upon request)

  • Passport/visa expenses

  • Independent travel

  • Local transportation

  • Some meals

  • Cell phone expense

Our partners are open year-round and start dates vary. Inquire with IPSL about your options. We are flexible with the start date and the duration of every program. 

Spanish Language Course starting at XXX/ week

  • Registration & Placement Fees (one time) $XXX

  • Lodging: Homestay starting at $XXX / week (incl breakfast)

  • Lodging: Shared flat starting at $XXX/ week