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Italy (Bologna)
Learn Italian with IPSL in bella Bologna! 

About Bologna

Bologna, often referred to as "La Dotta, La Grassa, e La Rossa" (The Learned, The Fat, and The Red), is a vibrant city located in the heart of Italy. Renowned for its rich history, academic legacy, and culinary excellence, Bologna offers a unique blend of medieval charm and modern liveliness. The city is home to the oldest university in the Western world, the University of Bologna, which attracts students and scholars from around the globe. Its picturesque piazzas, stunning architecture, and renowned cuisine make Bologna a fascinating destination for both tourists and residents alike.


Learn Italian ... and how to prepare Italian food!

In Bologna, IPSL collaborates with esteemed partners who specialize in teaching Italian to international students. These language experts offer comprehensive courses designed to immerse students in the Italian language and culture. With a focus on interactive and practical learning, students quickly gain proficiency in Italian while experiencing the rich cultural heritage of Bologna. The courses are tailored to meet the needs of all proficiency levels - including beginners, ensuring a supportive and engaging learning environment.

IPSL's partners in Bologna offer a unique culinary experience in addition to Italian language courses, all in the on-site commercial kitchen. Hands-on cooking classes, wine tastings, and exploration of Italian culture through food! Mangia bene!


Volunteer Service in Bologna

IPSL's teammates in Bologna have established long-term relationships with local nonprofit organizations with which they, themselves, have been involved. Students are highly encouraged to include 10-15 hours per week of volunteer service in their program; doing so greatly increases language proficiency, helps students make friends with locals, and service makes our students more than tourists...they are partners in making Bologna all it is. Give back!

Accommodation Options

Students have various accommodation options to suit their preferences and needs while studying and volunteering in Bologna. Homestays provide a unique opportunity to live with an Italian family, offering an immersive cultural experience and the chance to practice Italian in everyday settings. For those seeking more independence, the student residence offers a lively community atmosphere with fellow students. Private apartments are also available, providing a more secluded and personalized living space. Each option is carefully selected to ensure comfort, convenience, and a fulfilling stay in Bologna.

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