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Go Abroad... Again!

IPSL alumni receive an automatic $500 scholarship if you choose to go on another IPSL program!

IPSL Institute Campus Ambassador Program

The IPSL Institute for Global Learning Study Abroad Ambassador Program is an opportunity to share your global perspectives and study abroad stories, raise awareness and interest in study abroad programs, and inspire your peers and prospective IPSL students to engage in diverse and ethical community-based learning experiences worldwide.


Hi! My name is Sydney Baines and I am a sophomore at Butler University and I am on the pre-med track. My major is health sciences with a minor in Psychology. I studied abroad in Arusha, Tanzania and stayed with a host family. I was the only one in my program at the time so I was by myself and completely immersed in the culture, which cannot be said about every program. I learned some Swahili, which is pretty cool to say (no it's not the clicking language) and volunteered in a clinic four days a week. I loved staying with a family, eating local food, watching television after dinner (usually World Cup games), and having them walk me to class and to the clinic. I hate getting asked my favorite part of my experience because I can never choose just one point Cin the trip! I always say the safari because, let's be real, elephants are pretty cool and spending a day driving through a reserve while getting to see animals and breath-taking views does not happen everyday. 


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Welcome Home!

It's great to find you back with us again. You are in the right place if you need a transcript, want to learn more about IPSL's activities or want to get involved in the IPSL Alumni Association. Whether you returned a few months ago or several years ago, your international service-learning experience has likely had a great impact on your life. As an alum of an IPSL program, you are in the unique position to connect with the thousands of previous IPSL participants with similar experiences and interests.

As a new alumni, you received instructions on how to access our short on-line survey. We hope you will take a moment to fill it out.   We value your responses and use them to improve our programs. 

Keep in Touch!

Many alumni have kept in touch with us and let us know how profoundly their IPSL experience affected their paths and career choices. We are eager to know where you are and what you are doing and have done since your service-learning experience since so many of you now find yourselves doing interesting things all over the globe. If you would like to update your whereabouts or share stories or reflections on your experience to share, please email or call us. And visit the IPSL twitter, instagram, and Facebook page.

If you are a prospective undergraduate student wishing to speak to an alum, please email Arianne Newton, Director of Programs, at with your request indicating which program you are interested in.

Refer a Friend Program!

As an IPSL alum you are our best ally when it comes to spreading the word about our unique programs so take advantage of our alumni referral program. For any participant whom you recommend to any program (and they indicate you as the recommender as well as participate in a program) you will receive $250 cash. There is no limit so start talking it up! We had one alum receive an award from IPSL for over $1000 and you can too! This is just another way IPSL shows our appreciation to all our wonderful alumni.

Alumni Association

We invite you to become active in the Alumni Association to reconnect with fellow alumni, the program, and the service that shaped an important part of your life. The Alumni Association was formed:

  • To foster the continued reflection, growth, and learning of its members, and to share this learning with others;

  • To provide a forum for re-kindling the friendships and memories established for so many during an IPSL term;

  • To provide networking opportunities to enhance career options;

  • To keep alumni informed of activities and developments in program locations;

  • To support fellow alums in their continued domestic and international service efforts.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council advises IPSL staff on Alumni Association activities. It exists to:

  • Provide IPSL with a cohesive group of individuals who can recommend service-learning™ opportunities based on their own experience in an IPSL program;

  • Help IPSL promote its programs through college conferences, study abroad and volunteer service fairs and by speaking to prospective students;

  • Plan alumni retreats, conferences and service activities;

  • Facilitate the sharing of current IPSL student's experiences by running the "Notes From the Field" program;

  • Sit as a member of the judging team for the annual IPSL photo contest; and

  • Provide a research base for the impact of service-learning on individuals and society.

We are currently looking for IPSL Alumni to Serve on the Alumni Council. Please contact IPSL at if you are interested in learning more.


Transferring schools? Going to graduate school? Applying for a fellowship? You will need transcripts from all the institutions you have attended. If you attended an IPSL undergraduate program, download the Transcript Request Form to obtain an official transcript for your IPSL program courses.

If you completed the MA in International Service from Roehampton, you must contact Roehampton University directly for your student record.

Postgraduate Registry Officer
Roehampton University
Erasmus House, 2nd Floor
Roehampton Lane
London SW15 5PU
United Kingdom
+44 20 8392 3119

If you completed the MA in International Development and Service from Portland State University, you must contact PSU directly.

Portland State University
Office of Admissions, Registration, and Records
Transcript Request Desk
First Floor Lobby, Neuberger Hall
724 SW Harrison Street
Post Office Box 1389
Portland, OR 97207-1389

Fax 503-725-8180
Phone 503-725-8193

If you completed the MA in International Development and Service from Concordia University - Portland, you must contact Concordia directly. 

Concordia University - Portland
Office of the Registrar
2811 NE Holman St
Portland, OR 97211
Phone (503) 280-8510
Fax (503) 280-8661

If you completed the MS in International Development & Service from The College of Mount Saint Vincent, you must contact CMSV directly.


College of Mt Saint Vincent
Office of the Registrar
6301 Riverdale Avenue
Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone (718) 405-3461