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Italy (Bologna)
Learn Italian with IPSL in Bologna, the culinary capital of Italy! 


Authentic city away from mass tourism Modern & dynamic emerged in history375 000friendlypeople90 000 students in the city of theoldest Universityof the WesternworldExquisitecuisine:Bologna is considered the eno-gastronomic capital of ItalyMore affordablethan other main citiesRailway junction: explore& travel Italy very easilyby train (Florence 35 min, Milan 1h, Rome 2h, Napoli3h and much mo


Bologna, the capital of theEmilia-Romagna region, is a city steeped in history and culture. lt is the birthplace of the oldest university in the western hemisphere, Surrounded by green hills, the city conceals countless artistic and archite-ctural treasures in the shade of its towers and porticoes. lt is one of the most amazing urban centres and rarely are citizens as proud of their hometown as the Bolognese. The old town centre is extensive, well-preserved, and rich in reminders of the many civilisations that have lived here overthe ages. The urban structure was defined by the Romans. The medieval street system, that extends from the city centre like the spokes of a wheel, was laid down by the Longoba rds. N umerous convents bear witness to the bygone power of the Popes and the impressive Jewish ghetto, still intact today, is also movingly reminiscent of that period. Another fine feature of the town is its picturesque red brick towers. In the past there were over 200 towers, each demonstrating the power of the impor-tant families who built them. Two of the finest examples, the Asinelli Tower and the unfinished Garisenda Tower, have now become a symbol of the city. But what really distinguishes Bologna's urban character are its porticoes. No other city in the world can boast amonumental procession of arcades that stretches, almost without interruption, for over thirty five kilometres. Bologna is also an important gastronomic centre. lts inhabitants regard preparing and savouring food, not as a mere necessity, but as a refined art where new and classic flavours are blended with skill and passion.

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