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What Alumni are Doing

Our alumni find rewarding careers in government, higher education, State Department agencies, and non-profit agencies and NGOs addressing the world’s most pressing and challenging problems. IPSL alumni are working as:

  • Executive Director, NGO Fighting Human Trafficking (Washington, D.C.)

  • Event Coordinator, International Non-Profit (The Hague, Netherlands)

  • International Studies Faculty/Program Director, University (Quito, Ecuador)

  • Physician (New Orleans, LA)

  • Program Manager, International GAP-Year Organization (San Francisco)

  • Director of Communications, Disability Advocacy Organization, (Cambodia)

  • Grants Manager, International Education Non-Profit (New York, NY)

  • Program and Training Officer, Peace Corps (Washington, D.C.)

  • Service-Learning Program Director and Faculty, University (St. Louis, MO)

  • Founder and Director, HIV/AIDS Prevention NGO (India)

  • Program Manager, Non-profit Empowering Women (Minneapolis, MN)

Study and Volunteer Service in Two Countries - Spain and Morocco!  IPSL Service-Learning Plus Program!


IPSL students have an exclusive opportunity to  volunteer with and learn about the North Africa Arabic language, culture, history and social issues to help create sustainable change. After studying Arabic language and culture and volunteering with agencies serving the needs of North African immigrants in Segovia,  students travel to Casablanca, Morocco and spend a week at the end of each semester engaging in a language and cultural exchange while volunteering alongside local Moroccan students. The IPSL Service-Learning PLUS program exposes students to a location culturally and environmentally different than Segovia and provides a venue to practice their Arabic, gain cultural understanding and serve others.


IPSL students return each semester to Casablanca to volunteer with locals in IPSL partner agencies to help further the goals of the community and engage in hands-on service to promote equitable relationships, social justice and sustainable change for local communities.

Deeper, More Meaningful Study Abroad

The IPSL Segovia program is a great program for people interested in sustainable tourism, art, architecture, or Spanish language and culture. It is also rich with North African culture, art and architecture and a perfect location to study Arabic language and culture and explore Moorish history. In Segovia, IPSL participants live amidst a 2000 year-old Roman aqueduct, a castle, a 14th-century cathedral and more in this walkable, friendly Spanish city. Segovia is manageable in size, but also only thirty minutes from the metropolis of Madrid by high-speed rail. From Segovia, you can reach most regions of Spain within a few hours.


Experience Segovia from a Local Perspective


The city of Segovia and its Aqueduct are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Within the environment of the old city, there are buildings that commemorate the cultures of Segovia, including Sephardic Jews, Moors, Catholics, and Romans. Like anywhere, there is also unmet need within the community, and IPSL students perform volunteer service by teaching English to underserved children, helping unemployed people learn marketable skills, rescuing animals, assisting in an international studies office, or helping recent North African immigrants acclimate to life in Spain. Gaining valuable, international work experience by helping others and greatly improving one’s Spanish proficiency are some of the many rewards.





Segovia has historically been home to many peoples of Arabic origin. Part of the IPSL program is to understand the diverse populations and cultures of this region and it includes a seven-day academic and service excursion to Morocco as part of the program!



Language of Instruction:  English and some Spanish

Affiliated Institution: Instituto Lope de Vega

Required Courses:

  • Intensive Spanish Language Grammar and Conversation (various levels) | Credits: 3

  • Beginning Arabic Language Grammar and Conversation | Credits: 3

  • Institutions in Society-the IPSL Service-Learning Reflections Course | Credits: 3

  • IPSL Reflections / SL Practicum Seminar | Credits: 3

  • Documentary Advocacy Filmmaking Workshop | Credits: 3

  • Art and Architecture of the Iberian Peninsula| Credits: 3

POSSIBLE Electives:

  • Studio Art Workshop | Credits: 1

Service Opportunities:

  • working with children in schools and day care centers

  • working with people who are unemployed

  • working with people who are developmentally disabled

  • working with immigrant populations including Arabic-speaking peoples

  • working with animals at the Humane Society

  • working in an international education office

  • …and other options…

Housing:  You will live in a homestay with a local host family. Some are located within the historic walled city and some a short distance outside. All are within walking distance and/or a short bus ride to the campus. The homestay is an integral part of both the program, giving you the opportunity to make lifelong friends, reinforce the language skills acquired during daily lessons, and experience modern Spanish culture from "the inside." Host families are carefully selected, experienced with hosting students, and view the experience as a form of cultural exchange. Full room and board is included all meals, 7 days per week. Wi-fi is available in MOST houses and readily available at Lope de Vega and the Universidad de Valladolid, which has a branch campus in Segovia; as well as in local libraries and cafes. Most students bring their own laptop.                    


  • IPSL students learn Spanish faster due to the Service-Learning immersion

  • Because the IPSL team is super nice and supportive!

  • Cultural understanding

  • You'll gain great deal of personal insight and maturity

  • You get to travel to North Africa!


Program Director(s): Ms. Maria del Mar Tejedor Plomo

Eligibility: The program welcomes students of any nation who have a high school diploma or equivalent credential. TOEFL equivalent 550. Since the academic courses are taught in Spanish, it is best to have at least an intermediate level of Spanish Language. Academic studies are taught in English and Spanish at the upper beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

Program fees include:    Program tuition; orientation; homestay (including all meals); service agency placement and supervision; academic excursions--including one way bus and ferry transportation from Spain to Morocco; program-related activities; health insurance; administrative fees; and pre-departure materials. Local cell phones are provided and students are responsible for buying" pre-paid" minutes. Students have access to the library and other resources on the nearby Universidad de Valladolid campus.

What's typically NOT Included: passport, visa and vaccine fees (no visa is required for the IPSL Spain program!); airfare; books; spending money; local personal transportation; pre-paid minutes for local cell phone (provided by program) and independent  travel.