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Journeys that nourish your soul.

D_Gauet - Community Nutrition Activity M
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Develop a new perspective
Explore what is meaningful to you
Discover how you wish to contribute to our world
Re-charge your batteries
Imagine a new beginning
Experience wonder
Are you interested in learning about different cultures and communities while making a difference through volunteer service? 
Design your own adventure abroad!
Join IPSL and experience your own individualized, immersive journey through a hands-on learning opportunity. IPSL’s teams, here and abroad, work with you to create a program that suits your interests and goals then support you throughout your custom experience. 

  • Choose where, when and how long you want your program to be 

  • Pick the type of accommodation that suits you best. Options range from homestays, single apartments, international centers and even jungle permaculture centers and coastal eco-lodges (not all options available at all locations)

  • Take language courses, academic courses or no academics at all

  • Delve into an experience intensely focused on Environmental Health, Permaculture-Food Security, Post Conflict Societies, Indigenous Rights, Support for Refugees and more.

  • Include, or exclude, cultural tours and experiences including World Heritage Sites, Traditional Cooking and Dancing Classes and other exciting options

  • Volunteer with grassroots organizations focusing on Youth Development and Empowerment, Displaced Children and Families, Poverty Relief and Job Training, Refugee support, Medical assistance for indigenous populations, Animal Welfare, and much more

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a retired person - by serving abroad, you gain highly valuable, transferable skills while becoming more globally conscious, and responsive to the needs of others.