Customized programs
Journeys that nourish your soul.

Don't wait to ...
Develop a new perspective
Explore what is meaningful to you
Discover how you wish to contribute to our world
Re-charge your batteries
Imagine a new beginning
Experience wonder
Are you motivated to make a difference globally and to understand the needs of others?
Are you ready to be the designer of your own personal adventure abroad?
Join IPSL and experience your own individualized, immersive journey through a hands-on learning opportunity abroad. Our partner organizations are working toward global health, social justice and capacity-building for children, women, refugees, animals, the environment and more. And the IPSL teams here and abroad listen to your personal goals and support you in your custom experience.
  • Choose where, when and how long  you wish to go
  • Choose to live with a family, in your own apartment, with others in an international center, at a jungle permaculture center or coastal eco-lodge
  • Take language course or no academics at all
  • Choose a an experience based intensive delving into  Planetary Health, Permaculture, Narco-Trafico in Central America and more.
Whether you are a student, a professional, or a retired person - by serving abroad, you gain highly valuable, transferable skills while becoming more globally conscious, and responsive to the needs of others.

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