faculty-led programs

Globalize your campus, deepen the teaching and learning in your courses, and meet institutional requirements through a Faculty-Directed program at one of IPSL's program locations abroad. Most IPSL program locations can accommodate your faculty-led program at just about any time of year. 

Examples of Faculty-Directed Programs Designed with IPSL

IPSL, in collaboration with partner institutions, has created a broad range of faculty-directed programs at our international program locations. IPSL assists with curriculum development and with cross-faculty collaboration between U.S. and partner faculty abroad. Examples include...

  • Semester-long Service-focused GALA - in SPAIN, MOROCCO, GREECE and ITALY (13 weeks)

  • Spanish Language and Caribbean Studies in Cartagena, COLOMBIA (ten days)

  • Health and Social Policy in Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA (two weeks)

  • Breast Cancer Research for Women in STEM in Cusco, PERU (two weeks)

  • MFA Creative Writing in the Andes - COLOMBIA, ECUADOR and PERU (three weeks)

Benefits include:

  • Logistics Planning (Procuring on-site resources, Itinerary, Budget, Flights, Insurance, and more...)

  • Assistance with Curriculum Development

  • Cross-Faculty Collaboration between U.S. faculty and IPSL faculty abroad

  • NGO / Nonprofit relationships on the ground

  • Infrastructure on which to scaffold your own program ideas

  • On-the-ground support for Advocacy Research.

  • Flexible program durations and locations available most times of the year

  • Connecting with communities that are open and eager to work with you for the common good

Contact IPSL at +1.503.395.4775 or email us at info@ipsl.org for more information.

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