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Engage your heart and mind and challenge your assumptions on an IPSL Gap Year program!

Find YOUR place in the world during an IPSL GAP Year Program!

We get it. You're ready to leap but which way should you go? After your achievements in high school (congratulations!) there are so many doors to open it can be overwhelming! 

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” -David Mitchell

There is value in taking the time to explore and open your eyes to something completely new. That's where the IPSL GAP Year Programs come in. Do you want an adventure, to serve others with love, explore new lands while also being fully supported and setting yourself up for a head start in college? Join us for an experience you will never regret or forget.

Adventure with Abandon

Adventures come in a lot of forms from hiking Mount Kilimanjaro to exploring a new part of your adopted city on your own, to communicating in a new language. On an IPSL program, expect to spread your wings, challenge yourself, and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. And most important, you will gain the confidence you need to forge your path in life, wherever that path may lead.  

Learn outside the "walls"

The world is a big, beautiful classroom waiting for your participation. IPSL students learn from exploration, service, struggling with a new language, eating different foods and finding their way in a new culture. These methods of learning are just as valid as learning within a classroom's four walls. You can do all of this and still attend college, and you'll be even more prepared and certain when you do. And don't forget! one semester on an IPSL program, you can earn anywhere from 6 to 15 college semester credits so the adults in your life can rest assured that you will not be falling behind - in fact you will be so much more ready for college than non-GAP-Year students.

Serve with Love

What can your smile and a helping hand say about you? IPSL is about reciprocity, humility and compassion. We never purport to know what is best for others, nor what others want or need.  We can only strive to approach our volunteer service opportunities with ethical awareness and openness. Believe us when we say you will get much more from serving others than they get from you, but who's counting?

Open your Eyes to Others

There is no better way to connect than to see through the eyes of others.  Spending time (as we like to call it "staying for tea") is the basis of relationships and intercultural understanding. You can experience all of this on an IPSL GAP Year program. What better work can we all engage in than "staying for tea"?

Be supported in your journey

We know when you are in a new environment, culture and (most likely) learning a new language, you need the help and advice of those who know the local conditions best. On IPSL programs, you will always be provided with support from many people both in the United States and in-country, enabling you to gain independence step-by-step as you gain knowledge and familiarity with your host country.

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