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Earn a degree that makes a world of difference.

Do you care about social justice and creating a better world?

Are you looking for a graduate program that allows you to explore, serve others, and follow your passion?​

Do you believe that education should be in service to humanity?

Are you the type of person who wants to implement and test the theory in real-life situations? 

Do you like to travel?


If so, then an IPSL graduate degree may be right for you.

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What makes IPSL graduate degrees unique?

Career at Your Fingertips

The IPSL collaborative graduate programs are unique in the world. As you look to begin your career, your résumé and experience will help you stand out for career-track positions.

Global, Cultural Literacy

Working with other cultures gives you an intimate familiarity with that culture. During the program (both online & in person) you will be engaged with local communities from around the world..

Professional Contacts

Your service and dedication in the field will provide you with devoted supporters, friends, and colleagues around the world who will take an interest in your future success.

Follow one IPSL  students  journey through Thessaloniki. This  blog was part of her flexible interdisciplinary graduate degree program!

Learn outside four walls with IPSL!

Advocacy Research

Learn and advocate by conducting ethical research while abroad. IPSL students engage in critical thinking with theory-to-practice, ethical IRB-approved, publishable research. Your compassion, imagination, and hard work will benefit vulnerable populations and organizations in need.

Social Justice

Since 1981, IPSL students continue to make a difference in the world. They do not just observe injustice. They do not just sympathize with injustice. They act thoughtfully and skillfully against injustice. We prepare students with the tools to make a difference in others’ lives.

Global Leadership

IPSL graduates pursue prosperous careers that fulfill their most noble values. You, too, will learn to communicate with diverse cultures, resolve conflict diplomatically, and bridge social, racial, and economic gaps with skill.

Graduate programs with a global impact

IPSL has an exemplary career placement record, and our students’ successes are self-explanatory. No other program provides students the opportunities to build their skills and professional network while they’re getting their graduate degree the way we do. IPSL provides students with significant support and guidance throughout the program as well as during the transition from school to career.


How do we know whether a higher education program prepares students well for the changing world of work in the 21st century? It’s a big question with serious implications for students and families who invest their time and money, and for employers and communities that seek capable career candidates. We know from the research, and from our 40 years of experience, that graduates who are most employable and ready to succeed after graduation and over a lifetime possess qualities such as:

  • People skills, including collaboration, teamwork, and cross-cultural competency

  • Flexibility and resourcefulness in the face of challenges and shortages

  • Problem-solving abilities such as inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity

  • Professional strengths such as communication, work ethic, and technological agility 

IPSL graduate programs are designed to provide opportunities to develop all of these and more. Since 1994, IPSL graduate programs have been designed to meet the international demand for ethical leaders who can effectively engage and facilitate partnerships and empower communities. Both the IDS and COSA graduate programs are multi-national and multi-institutional.


Students are prepared for careers with nonprofit, government, and community development organizations through an interdisciplinary program that combines rigorous academic training with hands-on skill development through volunteer service with global communities.

Important dates

IPSL offers two program models with different program fees depending on the number of terms a student wishes to study abroad. Some students need flexibility to take coursework online and remain wherever they live; others prefer to travel and maximize their time overseas. It's your choice.

Program Schedule

  • IDS and COSA are approximately fifteen months long with four terms spent online or abroad

  • Students must complete at least two terms abroad (about six months)

  • Students begin the program with a 2-week ONLINE Residency, followed by four consecutive terms in an online or abroad format

  • Students finish the program with a 1-week ONLINE Re-Entry Residency

  • ​Cohorts begin in September (Fall cohort), January (Spring cohort), or May (Summer cohort). Students who pursue the IDS program take at least one development-related course each term.

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Application Deadlines

  • The deadline for a FALL (September) start is AUGUST 1

  • The deadline for a SPRING (January) start is DECEMBER 1

  • The deadline for a SUMMER (May) start is APRIL 1

Tuition & Fees

What's Included

The comprehensive program cost covers:

  • All tuition

  • Books

  • Room and partial board abroad

  • International airfare (restrictions apply)

  • Most fees (including graduation fee)

  • Pre-departure and on-site orientations

  • Research support from ETHOS International IRB

  • Professional development

  • Career guidance

  • Service learning placements and oversight with IPSL community partners

  • 24/7 on-site support

  • Emergency medical/evacuation insurance while abroad

  • Most enrichment activities/excursions for the terms students are abroad

What's NOT Included

Program fee does NOT cover:

  • Personal spending money

  • Some local transportation

  • Independent travel

  • Students are responsible for securing their own visas and any expenses related to obtaining visas or passports

  • Students are also responsible for any vaccinations required or recommended for travel

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