Study, serve, and live in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Are you looking to explore the ancient and modern cultural and social issues of this unique part of the world? Choose a spring, summer, or fall term in Thessaloniki studying and working with social activism, youth empowerment and micro-enterprise.


IPSL students enjoying an olive oil / nutrition workshop

Mediterranean diet & Lifestyle, Refugees / Migration & Resilience, and Micro-entrepreneurship

This program is a unique opportunity to get involved in hands-on learning in a part of the world that is at once ancient and modern, urban and rural. There are so many choices (and reasons) to experience the IPSL Greece program. 


Explore Greek culture, both ancient and modern through a lens that examines the local sustainable Micro-Entrepreneurship movement, social responsibility, Europe's refugee crisis, immigration and more. Students can do field work and research as they explore micro-enterprise in action with local Greek family businesses.

"The opportunity I had to travel to Greece has only deepened my sense of curiosity about the world: a panoply of beautiful landscapes, architecture, languages, cuisines, and cultures all existing on the same planet floating in space together: get out and explore while you can! My sense as a global citizen has heightened, my sensitivity to cultural chauvinism sharpened, and my feelings of humanism enriched."   

--Jake, IPSL alum

Experience Greece like a local...not a tourist

Courses and  Credits - Spring and Fall Semester

Required Courses:​

  • Greek History,  Culture and Modern Greek Language

  • COSA in Greece

  • Introduction to COSA

Electives that may be offered ​

  • Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle

  • Sustainable Micro-Enterprise in Urban Communities, Seminar and Field Work in Thessaloniki

  • The Rise of Social Solidarity in Greece Since the Crisis

  • Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Courses and Credits - Summer

​Required Courses:

  • COSA in Greece

  • Greek History, Culture and Modern Greek Language


  • Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Leadership


Students will live in a homestay with Greek family. All IPSL host families are carefully selected and experienced with hosting students.


The program welcomes students of any nation who have a high school diploma or equivalent credential. TOEFL equivalent 550. No Greek language requirement.

Service Opportunities

  • Refugee Work

  • English Tutoring

  • Supporting homeless and at-risk youth

  • Working with disadvantaged preschool and primary school children

  • Environmental Sustainability of our Oceans

  • Using Art and Technology for Community Development

  • Social Service NGOs

  • Societal Integration and Support of Roma

  • Educational Organization for Street Children and Street workers and other disadvantaged populations


  • We're really nice and support you in your journey!

  • We're the most experienced group in the field of International Service-Learning

  • You can make a real difference to people in need

  • You can FINALLY learn that language

  • You can dive deep into another culture!

  • To support our service organizations in a SUSTAINABLE way

  • GROW - expand your horizons and challenge your assumptions


Meet the IPSL Program Director: Ms. Victoria Georgouvela

Victoria, a Greek native, has lived in the US for many years. She has been professionally involved in Organization Planning and Development, directing business operations, consultations and marketing for several International companies in the financial and arts industries & in production companies specializing in travel documentaries that brought her to many places around the world.


Victoria has always participated in a variety of sports and inter-varsity athletic meets. She loves nature and has been involved in hiking, trekking, dessert trekking, canyoning, mountaineering, ski touring, water skiing and scuba diving around the world. The last several years Victoria has been involved exclusively in planning, organizing and guiding adventure travel experiences in Greece for groups from the U.S. and Europe. Victoria holds graduate degrees in business administration.

Dates & Fees

Please inquire as we can customize
to most any schedule and budget!​

What's Included

  • Tuition and academic fees

  • Academic transcript

  • Administrative fees

  • On-site and on-line orientation and pre-departure materials

  • Welcome activities

  • Academic excursions

  • Homestay

  • Partial board

  • Service placement and supervision

  • Airport transfers (arrival)

  • Full health and evacuation insurance

What's NOT Included

  • Passport

  • Visa (if you want to stay longer than 90 days)

  • Vaccination fees

  • International airfare

  • Additional meals not included in homestay or lodging

  • Books

  • Personal spending money

  • Local personal transportation

  • Local transportation to service site

  • Local cell phone

  • Independent travel