IPSL announces the IPSL Institute for Global Learning 


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IPSL, founders and leaders in academic and service-based programs abroad, announce the launch of the IPSL Institute for Global Learning.


The IPSL Institute for Global Learning, based in Portland, Oregon, is now authorized by the State of Oregon to offer and confer the academic degrees of Community Organizing and Social Activism (COSA) and International Development and Service (IDS) following a determination that State of Oregon Higher Education Academic Standards are satisfied by IPSL under OAR 583-030.

IPSL has designed and delivered international programs focusing on experiential learning, ethical service, and engaged research for 37 years and now the independent IPSL Institute for Global Learning is authorized to offer academic credit, issue official transcripts, and confer diplomas through the Master's level. Cognizant of the financial barriers to quality education, the IPSL Institute for Global Learning offers the following benefits:


  • Program fees that are significantly lower than previous IPSL program fees and that of other internationally-focused graduate programs. This is primarily because we no longer have to pass along to students substantial institutional tuition rates and fees, which continue to skyrocket.

  • The substantial cost savings now permits IPSL to include the international flights in the graduate program fee. 

  • Flexible start dates (3 cohort starts per year!) that give students maximum control over their busy life and work schedules.

  • The ability to offer three full semesters abroad for a truly international experience; this means more time to expand one’s professional network and get real-world experience. There is no other program that walks the talk like IPSL programs.

  • A shortened 13-month graduate program based on European models that allows students to start, finish and begin working quickly to make a difference.  

  • Independently designed and curated IPSL curriculum that responds to current social issues, aligns with service and research opportunities and reflects student interests and the current trends in the field. 

  • Expanded opportunities for facilitated and supported Advocacy Research and maximum flexibility with independent study projects that permit students to follow their passions and hone the skills for a rewarding career.


The time is now! As international educators, we are all called to respond to the current political, social and economic climate in our country. With the help of our supporters and colleagues, the IPSL Institute for Global Learning will continue to train students from around the globe to engage with communities in order to promote equality and peace and to resist the politics of hatred, racism, misogyny, and war. Our success depends on the greatest strength of the organization: people! IPSL’s grassroots efforts to support positive change across the globe and, importantly, at home, are now made possible through the IPSL Institute for Global Learning.



Thomas Winston Morgan


IPSL Global Institute for Learning

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