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Course Offerings
  • COSA in Ireland
  • Introduction to COSA (Course Offered Online)
Elective Course Offerings - Semester
  • Exploring Irish Literature from the Birth of Ireland to Contemporary Times
  • Irish History: The Making of Modern Ireland
Elective Course Offerings - Summer
  • Film Making and Digital Production for Social Justice 
* Some courses may not be offered during a given term. Please inquire. 

Travel and Excursions that Broaden Your Perspective
Travel is an essential part of studying abroad. Taking knowledge from the classroom and applying it through direct observation allows for greater classroom comprehension and cultural understanding.


Excursions MAY Include:

  • Dublin City Bus Tour for Orientation

  • Book of Kells

  • Glasnevin Cemetery

  • GAA - Gaelic Athletic Association


Additional Excursions MAY include:

  • Weekend excursion to west or southern coast 

  • Day trip to Wicklow county

  • Day trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland to visit Peace and Reconciliation centers


IPSL students in Ireland may also work with program staff on-site to arrange for independent travel to other areas of Ireland or to the continent. As with all travel, weather and other travel hindrances can affect the exact destinations of excursions. In such cases, IPSL program staff make every effort to find suitable replacement itineraries.

Academic Immersion Focused on Real Cultural Understanding 


COSA (Community Organizing & Social Activism) in Ireland  and a Service-Learning Reflections & Practicum course anchors the academics and provides a bridge of understanding between theory and the real world.

There are required courses and some electives. Students can take up to 15 semester credits. All courses are taught at the 300-level or above . Unless otherwise noted, each course carries 45 contact hours and 3 semester credits.  An official transcript for all courses is issued by IPSL Institute for Global Learning upon successful completion of the program.


Required Courses - Semester


COSA in Ireland

The focus of this course is to explore community organizing and social activism in Ireland with the goal of learning how to effectively translate these ideas and techniques into a concrete knowledge of social activism (including a practical tool set and the development of a personal ethic of advocacy) that can be applied across cultures, countries, and efforts. The course starts with an overview of social change institutions, explores the history and ethics of international service and moves to the examination of past and current political and social movements and advocacy efforts in Ireland. Students will learn the theories and practical realities of intercultural service-learning in an Irish context. This course complements IPSL community service placements and helps students make sense of their international experience in order to develop their intercultural competence. Topics are examined through the prism of hands-on community service in Irish NGOs and other non-profits and include intercultural communication, the mechanics of Irish non-profits/NGOs, citizenship in Ireland, local civic engagement/advocacy efforts and the exploration of civil society.

Contact Hours: 45

Recommended U.S. Credits: 3


Introduction to COSA (Semester Course Offered ONLINE)


This course is delivered virtually and begins before departure and completes after returning. The content includes both pre-departure and post departure information, discussion and reflection and serves to compliment the IPSL Institutions in Society Course. The course explores the theories and practical realities of intercultural service-learning™ to help make sense of the international experience and to develop intercultural competence. One credit will be awarded for 15 hours of academic reflections work and 2 credits for the  hands-on service-learning volunteering.

Contact Hours: 45 
Recommended U.S. Credits: 3


Electives Courses - Semester

Choose up to 2 electives.

Exploring Irish Literature from the Birth of Ireland to Contemporary Times

Ireland holds the position of being one of the first literary nations in Western Europe. In this course, students will engage with Irish Literature from the foundation of the State via a tragicomic play to a contemporary collection of short stories by an internationally acclaimed Irish author.


This undergraduate course (taught in English) introduces the student to Irish literature (Short Story, Poetry and Play). It presents literature from the foundation of the Irish Free State (Saorstát Éireann) early 20th century to contemporary works of the 21st Century. The course will enable the student to critically analyze the literary aspects of a text and to explore the text and conduct research, to interpret and discuss the text in relation to its location in time and place.

Contact Hours: 45 

Recommended U.S. Credits: 3

Irish History: The Making of Modern Ireland

We will examine the various elements that have contributed to the making of modern Ireland.  You will learn about the Vikings, the Plantations of Ireland, Act of Union and the Fenian Rising.  We will make a deeper examination of 20th Century History with particular focus on the Easter Rising, War of Independence, Civil War, Announcing the Republic of Ireland, Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement.  


Contact Hours: 45 

Recommended U.S. Credits: 3

Elective Courses - Summer

COSA in Ireland

See description above

Contact Hours: 45

Recommended U.S. Credits: 3

Film Making and Digital Production for Social Justice

The dynamic landscape of the digital era which experiences constant advancements in social media and other digital platforms has created both an opportunity and need for NGO’S / Service Organizations to both, have a digital footprint and use these accessible platforms to raise awareness, social or otherwise for their brand and get their message out to the world.


The creation of engaging content with a clear vision and message is the focal point of this course which aims to deliver both, an environment and instruction for participants to obtain the relevant, creative, and technical knowledge and furthermore apply that knowledge in the service-learning setting.


The digital production component will be a practical lead course for all levels allowing participants to focus on developing new skills and/or hone their existing competencies.

Contact Hours: 45

Recommended U.S. Credits: 3