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Tokyo, Fukuoka, or Kyoto

When you see and experience the unique culture and landscape of Japan, you can't help but be transformed.

Choose from three cities and let IPSL customize your experience to fit your interests and needs.

Contact us today to start your trip!

Japan Mount Fuji.jpg

Mount Fuji, Japan

The locations

Fukuoka is a small, relaxed city with few foreigners, creating the perfect environment for immersion, forcing you to use your Japanese as much as possible. Fukuoka is on the southern island in Japan, offering a warmer climate.

Tokyo defies description; one of the world's largest offers so much. Despite being in the center of the busiest part of Japan, the IPSL school's location is peaceful and relaxing while still being in the center of the action.

Kyoto's Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, castles and gardens combine to make it one of the most beloved cities in the world. While no longer the capital, it remains the heart of Japan and a place to truly immerse yourself in the history and ancient culture of Japan.


IPSL's partner institution in Japan (an awarded language school)  has campuses in three vibrant and very different cities: Tokyo, Fukoka and Kyoto and offers Japanese classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. You'll be taught by native speakers and you'll learn to speak, write and read Japanese. The lessons are held in small, international groups with modern teaching methods, so that learning Japanese is fun!


Students receive official, U.S.-based academic credit from IPSL's school of record for their coursework in Japan.

You will practice writing (hiragana, katakana, kanji), grammar, vocabulary, and conversation, and together with other students, you will discover the Japanese culture. ​Your program included multiple weekly cultural activities exploring traditional culture and history, pop culture, and so much more.


Contact us for a customized program in Japan that meets your budget and calendar needs.

What's Included

  • Tuition and academic fees for Japanese courses

  • Homestay (partial board), hostel, or studio apartment

  • Academic transcript 

  • On-site and online orientation and pre-departure materials

  • Volunteer placement and supervision (if available and upon approval)

  • Transfer (from airport/train station to accommodation)

  • Arrival City Tour

  • Weekly cultural activities

  • Health insurance 

  • Administrative fees

  • Student services at the school office

  • Free internet access and WiFi

What's NOT Included

  • Passport, visa or other entry documents

  • Public transport 

  • Weekend excursions

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