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Language and volunteer Programs

Committed to Excellence in Language Learning

It is said that language is the window to the world. IPSL Global Institute at NUNM has been emphasizing language learning since 1981 because being able to communicate with people in their language increases your ability to make meaning out of experiences and interactions that you have with people from other countries. In addition, merely making the effort to learn someone else's language is a demonstrative way to show people that you care and are interested in who they are and often paves the way to long-lasting friendships. And of course, students need to know at least one other language to compete in the global job market. 

For these reasons and more, IPSL has partnered with highly acclaimed and vetted language schools in Colombia, Austria, Germany, France and Japan to offer exceptional Language and Culture programs. During COVID19 all courses will be online. Once travel is permitted, students can choose to study online or in person.

The flexibility of study duration - from as little as one week to as much as one year - fits each student's learning goals, as well as their individual financial circumstances. Each IPSL partner school abroad has achieved the highest level of recognition in language instruction from the International Association of Language Centres (IALC), whose standards guarantee that students are provided with quality language instruction and exceptional student support.

Some of the programs also offer meaningful volunteer service with a wide range of grassroots organizations. Not only do these organizations welcome your support and assistance, your interactions with them provides another opportunity to practice your newly acquired language skills!

Benefits include:

  • Earn academic credit and receive an official transcript (if you want)

  • Learn from native-in country speakers

  • Flexible program lengths (choose between 1-52 weeks)

  • Take private classes or in groups 

  • Great opportunity to make new friends as students from around the world study at IPSL's partner schools.

   •   Receive certification for your achieved language proficiency level. 

  • Most schools offer add-ons (in person and virtually) like Salsa lessons!

Contact IPSL today and start your adventure learning a new language, or improving your existing language skills!