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"The IPSL Advocacy Research Opportunity helped me prepare for my future career by giving me the skills to plan out a project and implement it. Conducting my own research and collecting primary data really helped give me the skills and developed my capacity to follow through on a project of my own design.”

See how IPSL's unique Sponsored "Community Based" Research benefits our partner organizations, the client's they serve AND IPSL grad and undergraduate students. The structured opportunity to learn by doing about community driven research gives students the opportunity to serve through advocacy.


Community English Teaching Program Quality Improvement Study

Sponsored Research Project in Vietnam


"It is really enjoyable to work with such a motivated group.  Although it is early in the research process and we are still fine tuning some details, the amount of energy and help I get from the staff inspires me to do the best work I can for them.  With one survey completed I have already gained valuable insights that I hope to use in obtaining more concrete and serviceable data for CSDS.  The students are quite open about their ideas for improving the English classes.  With their insights and that of the volunteer teachers and staff, I look forward to seeing what ideas we come up with to enhance the learning experience and better outcomes."

Daniel, Master’s in International Development and Service Alum

Why "Advocacy" Research?

For over 40 years, IPSL Institute for Global Learning has focused on ethical, reciprocal and collaborative service with and for others. In 2012, IPSL launched Advocacy Research in a desire to take service to the next level and in recognition that students hungered for the opportunity to take on meaningful real-world work whose impact could be measured and sustained.  We believe that Advocacy Research, research in the service of others, is carried out by people who are deeply concerned about social justice. Their research seeks to measure social problems with a view to increasing awareness and influencing political, economic, and social decision-making. 

Affordable Research Review for Institutions, Non-Profits, NGOs and Individuals

ETHOS Global Review (a legally constituted research review board) is dedicated to facilitating student research as well as creating an affordable, accessible, human subject research review process for individual researchers and low resource non-profits both here and abroad. 

We offer a sliding fee scale to accommodate individual researchers and small non-profits not backed by an institution or large private or public research grant. Our goal is to do everything possible to create an environment where small organizations and individual researchers have access to data that creates innovation, promotes service to others and finds solutions to real-world challenges.

Resource-scarce organizations often have little ability to examine their programs in a quantifiable way. Research through IPSL can help these organizations with data that can be used to impact their work and the people they serve. IPSL is proud to assist in this work by providing professional and affordable research review. 

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Research Review for Students

IPSL’s mission of service is rooted in advocacy for the NGOs and organizations in which IPSL students serve. The IPSL’s Advocacy Research™ Program provides students an opportunity to learn about and engage in professional research to produce relevant, useful information for the benefit of non-profits, NGOs and community development organizations around the world. Unique to the IPSL program, students develop a keen insight into the human research subject ethical review process in an international context with immediate, practical application.


“Researching while abroad gives students the opportunity to really immerse themselves into a new culture. In Thailand I was able to cross cultural barriers and really talk to my participants and learn about their past experiences. I gained an understanding into their lives and by doing so enriched my experience abroad.” 


A student’s service organization abroad serves as the “field study location” and results in data that is at once beneficial to further the IPSL student’s education and career while at the same time being of use to the organization being served. Resource-scarce organizations often have little ability to examine their programs in a quantifiable way. With the assistance of the IPSL student, they are presented with data that can be used to impact their work and the people they serve. Multilateral reciprocity is at the heart of the IPSL Advocacy Research Program.

Ethics board reviewed, social-behavioral research in a global setting.

Advocating and serving through research  is IPSL's unique program of professional skill-building, and deep cultural immersion, providing tangible, human-focused data for real-life solutions.