Service Learning

IPSL strives to make volunteer service more ethical, accessible, and sustainable by facilitating relationships and learning between participants and communities.


IPSL does not 'place' you, rather, we facilitate opportunities for you to connect deeply with people and social change organizations all over the world.


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Recent Opportunities

  • Food Justice/Security 

  • International Education & Exchange 

  • Peace and Reconciliation 

  • Indigenous Rights 

  • Sustainable Community-based Development 

  • International Intergovernmental Organizations (e.g. United Nations) 

  • NGO Empowering & Reintegrating Women in a Post-Conflict Society 

  • International Relief and Development Agencies (e.g. Doctors Without Borders) 

  • Arts and Theatre Group Working with Disabled Adults 

  • Animal Welfare for Homeless Populations 

  • Residential Facility Assisting/Educating Sex-Workers 

  • Women’s Reproductive Health Clinics 

  • Community-Based Clinics in Underserved Regions 

  • Centers for At-Risk Youth 

  • Nonprofit Promoting Fair Trade 

  • Urban Public Education Service Districts 

  • Sustainable Development in Coastal Zones 
  • Refugee Assistance/Education Center 

  • International Student Services/Study Abroad Offices 

  • Orphanage for Children Living with HIV/AIDS 

  • Residential Facility for the Disabled 

  • GAP Year International Service-Learning Organization 

  • LGBTQ Youth Advocacy Center 

Not sure yet of your desired location or type of opportunity? Contact us at IPSL to learn more about the options.