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Short Term Experiences

Make the most of your time off: study and volunteer with IPSL on a short-term or summer study abroad program!


Not sure yet of your desired location? Contact us at and we'll be happy to talk over the options. 

IPSL will help find opportunities for you to connect deeply with people and social change organizations all over the world, even if you only have time for a short trip.


Cartagena streetscene.jpg

Whether you study sustainability in Hanoi, wine-making in Thessaloniki, or Spanish in Cusco, there’s no better time to see the world, discover new cultures, and gain valuable work experience and college credit by performing volunteer service in another country.


• Additional, automatic discounts when you enroll in more than one session

• Short-term options from three to six weeks and three-to-nine college semester credits

• Affordable program fees and no hidden costs

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