Academic credit / TRANSCRIPTS

How will I receive a transcript for my IPSL program?

Students successfully completing an IPSL program will receive an official academic transcript from IPSL's home institution, NUNM. An original will be sent to the person or office designated on your application. A copy will be sent to you at your permanent residence address. These will be mailed about 4-6 weeks after the end of program.

Types of credit

Colleges and universities all have individual ways in which they grant credit for international programs. Here are the most common types of credit:

  • Transfer credit - the credits you earn on the program will be applied to the total number of credits you need to graduate; however, the grades will not be calculated into your GPA. In some instances, the grades may appear on your transcript.

  • In-residence credit - the credits you earn will be applied to the total number of credits you need to graduate, and the grades will appear on your transcript and be calculated into your GPA, just as if you had taken those courses at your home institution.


For more information on which type of credit you will receive please consult your academic advisor or study abroad office.

Ordering Transcripts for previous IPSL Programs

If you are an undergraduate program alum and would like to order an additional transcript from a past program, download the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM to obtain an official transcript for your IPSL program courses.

If you completed the MA in International Service from Roehampton University, you must contact Roehampton University directly for your student record.

Roehampton University
Erasmus House, 2nd Floor
Roehampton Lane
London SW15 5PU
United Kingdom
+44 20 8392 3119 

If you completed the MA in International Development and Service from Portland State University, you must contact PSU directly.


Portland State University
Office of Admissions, Registration, and Records
Transcript Request Desk
First Floor Lobby, Neuberger Hall
724 SW Harrison Street
Post Office Box 1389
Portland, OR 97207-1389

Fax 503-725-8180
Phone 503-725-8193

If you completed the MA in International Development & Service from Concordia University-Portland, you must contact Concordia directly.


Concordia University - Portland
Office of the Registrar
2811 NE Holman St
Portland, OR 97211
Phone (503) 280-8510
Fax (503) 280-8661

If you completed the MS in International Development & Service from The College of Mount Saint Vincent, you must contact CMSV directly.


College of Mt Saint Vincent
Office of the Registrar
6301 Riverdale Avenue
Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone (718) 405-3461