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Are you worried you don't have time to experience a program abroad? Rest assured, with an IPSL program you will not be falling behind! In one semester you can earn anywhere from 6 to 15 semester college credits.

As an undergraduate student at of any major or year you can fully participate in an immersive study and volunteer experience and take any of the academic courses and language classes offered for official credit. You can earn college credit at the 400 level for content courses and the 100-300 level for language courses and receive an official transcript from Westminster University (the home of IPSL Global Engagement). 


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Let us guide you through the options and connect with your school

Study with local professors for a unique experience and make your new community and the world your classroom!


Take your education outside four walls - you won't regret the experience.

Learning takes on greater depth and meaning as part of an IPSL program. Students gain highly valuable, transferable skills that they would not otherwise acquire on a traditional study abroad program. Working with host community members brings classroom lessons to life!


NOTE: Regions and programs are subject to change. Ask us about current travel conditions.

Standard semester, short-term summer, and custom programs are available in these regions:

Language learning and volunteering programs are available in these regions:

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