If you eat, you're invited. Explore food justice, One Health, and Sustainability in Guatemala!

Guatemala is a study in contrasts. A rich history of Mayan culture and civilization is juxtaposed against a history of conquistadors, dictatorships and a decades-long bloody civil war. Guatemala is also one of the world’s largest producers of sugar, coffee and bananas yet has the fourth highest rate of malnourished children in the world and the highest in Central America. Why should there be such a disconnect between production and consumption? Students on this IPSL program work toward finding solutions to this problem. 

Additionally, Guatemala contains an impressive number of distinct eco-regions and high biodiversity and yet agriculture is increasingly encroaching on virgin forests as Guatemala strives to develop into an economic and political world player. Witnessing the overlap of so many distinct issues in contradiction with one another is at the heart of the IPSL & Origins of Food: One Health program in Guatemala.