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Undergraduate Financial Aid

IPSL accepts all forms of financial aid approved by your home university. Don't have a home university? 

Email us to discuss your options!

FINANCIAL AID: Under federal law, U.S. students can receive federal financial aid (such as Pell Grants and Stafford Loans) for study abroad if their home institution has approved the program for credit. Many students are able to apply some or all of their financial aid toward the cost of IPSL programs. Undergraduates should consult with the financial aid and/or study abroad office, at their home institution, to determine whether or not financial aid, scholarships and/or other support received from the home institution will qualify toward an IPSL program. Federal law also states that financial aid can cover all "reasonable" costs for a study abroad program, including tuition and fees for the program; round-trip transportation; living costs; passport and visa fees; and health insurance.

Click here for a study abroad guide that explains different forms of financial aid and loans available 

Money Geek Study Abroad Resource Guide


  • If IPSL is an approved program at your institution, you should be able to remain registered at your home institution, apply federal financial aid toward the program, and receive transfer credit for courses you successfully complete. 

  • If IPSL is not a pre-approved program at your home institution, find out what information is required. We are happy to complete consortia/contractual agreements from the home institution and provide administrators and faculty with additional information about the programs.




SCHOLARSHIPS: The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship and the David L. Boren Graduate Fellowships are a good fit for IPSL programs but are only two of many options available. 

CROWD FUNDING: The practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people may also be an option. Below are some crowdfunding organization that might be helpful. Note that crowdfunding sites will usually not be held responsible for any money collection issues. Please read the Terms and Conditions of each such site before posting. 





Graduate Financial Aid

Click HERE for more information.

At IPSL, we understand and appreciate that graduate school is a huge commitment. Your time, money, and dedication to your education are important. We've done the research and similar graduate programs can cost up to $130,000 without the benefits of studying and serving in multiple countries. Apply to our unique and affordable programs today!

For more information about IPSL Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, please contact IPSL's Global Institute staff at 

(503) 395-IPSL (4775) or via email at or


AmeriCorps Alums

IPSL programs support the AmeriCorps vision: That a vibrant network of AmeriCorps alumni will be the leadership pipeline for the 21st century.


AmeriCorps Alums and IPSL have partnered to provide opportunities for AmeriCorps Alums interested in service abroad, international education and development and service learning. Through IPSL programs, AmeriCorps alumni members can connect to unique learning experiences and apply and further develop their service learning and leadership skills in an international setting.


IPSL Opportunities for AmeriCorps Alums:

  • Graduate Programs in International Development and Service (IDS) or Community Organizing and Social Activism (COSA)

  • Undergraduate international study and service-learning programs (semester, summer and custom) with academic credit

  • Advocacy Research™ abroad for academic credit


AmeriCorps Alumni Benefits:

  • Priority Admission

  • Use your AmeriCorps Segal Education Award

  • Automatic $5,500 Scholarship from IPSL (even if you have already used your Ed award!)*

  • IPSL application processing fee waived


* Apply your AmeriCorps-Segal Education award to your current school to use for an IPSL program.

Start the process today!

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